Friday, November 14, 2014

Helaman 9

In chapter 8 Nephi had explained that the people could believe that Christ would come as Jeremiah, among others, had prophesied because other things he had prophesied had clearly come true (Helaman 8:20-21).  Upon Nephi’s prediction that the chief judge had been murdered, five men in the audience were sent to verify if it was so.  These five men didn’t believe Christ would come, despite what Jeremiah had prophesied.  Still they used Nephi’s reasoning on their way to confirm his claim of the chief judge’s death. “If the chief judge is dead, we’ll believe everything else Nephi has said.” Finding the murdered chief judge, they believed.  Their belief was solid, too, as they later effectively confounded the judges who sought to arrest Nephi (see verse 18).
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