Tuesday, November 25, 2014

3 Nephi 4

When the attacking, and powerful Gadianton Robbers found the Nephites prostrate on the ground instead of on their feet to fight them, the Robbers took heart and attacked with confidence an army they thought feared them.  But these gathered and prepared Nephites weren't cowering in fear, they were praying for protection.  With that prayer they met the attacking army “in the strength of the Lord” (v. 10).  The Nephites prevailed in the battle, and they knew it wasn't their doing that gave them the victory, but the protection of God because of their repentance and humility (v. 33).

We can meet each day in the strength of the Lord if we are similarly repentant (not perfect, notice), humble, gathered and prepared.  Let us follow this excellent example of the Nephites and get our lives in order (prepare), surround ourselves with a worthy support group (gather), be repentant and humble, and begin our day in supplication to the Lord for protection.
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