Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Helaman 14

In verse 13 Samuel the Lamanite explains to the Nephites that it is through Christ’s merits that we receive a remission of our sins.  We've already seen that phrase several times in the Book of Mormon.  What are Christ’s “merits?”  If you follow the footnote in Helaman 13 to D&C 19:16 it looks to me like Christ’s “merits” may be His atoning sacrifice.  Perhaps it isn’t our Savior’s love that redeemed us, but rather what that love led Him to do for us that redeemed us.

In scouting the boys and girls receive merit badges, not for their intentions, but for their accomplishments.  When the merit badges are displayed we can recognize the various accomplishments of the individual scouts.  Does the Savior have merit badges?  Yes.  They are in His hands, and His feet, and His side.
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