Saturday, November 15, 2014

Helaman 10

Why do we beat ourselves up for the things we don’t get done and forget all about what we have been able to accomplish?  The Lord blessed Nephi for the things he had done (see verses 4-5) without mentioning any of the things Nephi hadn't gotten to yet.  We simply cannot do everything.  But we can focus on the things of greatest priority (realizing that the priorities will change from time to time), and be confident the Lord will bless us along the journey.  How can we hear the Lord’s whisperings of acceptance when we’re so busy beating ourselves up?  We can’t.  Let’s trust in the atonement and accept ourselves with our limitations.  Let’s realize the Lord loves us as we are now.  He’s not waiting until we cross a certain threshold of achievement before He loves us.  He loves us regardless of how we feel about ourselves.  Let’s let Him love and bless us.
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