Sunday, November 16, 2014

Helaman 11

In verses 10 – 16 we find an example of prayer that shows Nephi working things out with the Lord.  He a) makes a case, b) makes a request, c) expresses faith and then d) repeats the case.  “The people have repented” he states in verse 10, then he describes their repentance to a God who already knows about it.  In verses 11 – 13 he makes the request: “Turn away thine anger; send rain.”  Verse 14 declares his faith: “Thou listened to me before, Thou wilt listen to me now.”  Then in verses 15 – 16 Nephi repeats his case: “The people have repented; please turn away thine anger.”

Note the language Nephi uses to express his faith in verse 14.  It indicates someone comfortable with the Lord.  May we learn from Nephi’s example and become that comfortable with the Lord!
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