Monday, November 17, 2014

Helaman 12

Very sad, but true it is, that people tend to put the Lord on the back burner until we need Him.  When we’re satisfied and all is going to suit us, we sometimes have to make a conscious effort to remember the Lord, from whom all our blessings come.  Yet when we suffer afflictions, such as death or terror, or famine or pestilence, we’re more quick to call on His name (see verse 3).  Well did Helaman call us foolish and vain for this (verse 4).  Everything else on the Earth, even down to the very dust, hearkens to the Lord readily, Helaman tells us.  It is man, with all his freedom, that goes his own way and doesn't give the Lord His due.  Why do we require such drastic measures as a society before we rally together to call on the Lord?
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