Sunday, November 30, 2014

3 Nephi 9

Over and over again we read in the Book of Mormon about Lamanites who joined the Church and never fell away.  How did they manage it?  Surely an understanding of the Savior’s forgiveness and acceptance would have gone a long way to help them achieve this record.  Their change of lifestyle would have certainly contributed.  Not only did they change from warriors to farmers, but they also moved, in many cases, from their homes and, one could assume, their former acquaintance to begin new, different lives afresh. 
But I think there is something more particular that happened with the Lamanites that allowed them to be so fully converted, and that thing, I think, is explained by the Lord Himself in verse 20, where He discloses that, at the time of their baptism, the Lamanites had also been baptized with the Holy Ghost, but had not known it.   Interesting it is that the Lamanites received the companionship of the Holy Ghost prior to the death of the Savior.  Christ explained to His Old World disciples that the Holy Ghost would accompany the faithful in the absence of the Savior’s presence (see John 16:7).  Maybe it was because these New World followers were so distant from where Jesus served His ministry that the Holy Ghost accompanied them .  Whatever the reason, it appears the Holy Ghost has inspired people throughout the history of the world.

Having the companionship of the Holy Ghost gives one great advantage in trying to endure to the end.  There is no greater example of this truth than the faithfulness of the Lamanites.
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