Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Helaman 13

I like the drive and the creativity displayed by Samuel the Lamanite as he strove to complete the assignment given him by the Lord.  Samuel preached as a missionary “many days” in the land of Zarahemla before the people simply cast him out of their city.  As he was headed home, “the voice of the Lord” told him to return to Zarahemla and preach whatever the Lord put into his mouth.  Samuel obeyed.  And when he couldn't gain entrance to the city of Zarahemla did he start home again and tell the Lord “I tried?”  No, he was determined to obey, and it led him to find another way to fulfill the assignment.  Samuel didn't stop until he had preached an incredible sermon.  He had to climb to the top of the city wall, but he did it.  And afterwards he did leave, never to return, but he left in peace knowing he’d accomplished what the Lord had sent him to do.  May we be equally tenacious in our assignments from the Lord.
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