Friday, August 29, 2014

Mosiah 24

As Alma’s people continued in bondage, the priests of Noah were set up as their task masters.  These people could understand the language of Alma’s people where the Lamanites could not.  Finding them praying, Amulon, the head of those priests, made death the penalty for being found praying.  They begin praying silently, and as a result, the Lord strengthened Alma’s people so the burdens felt lighter.  They “did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord” (v. 15).  How did the people of Alma cope under such harsh conditions?  We would do well to follow their example:
  1. They prayed without giving up.
  2. Instead of their burden changing, the Lord strengthened their ability to cope with it.
  3. They didn't complain, but submitted cheerfully. 

In short, they chose to be happy despite their problems.  Prayer and attitude helped them to cope.  That’s the key:  submit cheerfully and patiently to the will of the Lord – period.  Make the best of it.  When we’re cheerful, we’re in a much better frame of mind to make decisions that can improve, or as in these people's case, escape our situation.  And when we’re faithful, the Lord is ready to help.  We should follow His will for us.
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