Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mosiah 11

When we meet with a little success, we’re in danger of forgetting to whom we owe our allegiance.  When he left the Nephites, Zeniff brought sacred records with him.  Zeniff led his people in righteousness for 40 years before he died.  His son Noah ascended the throne and completely changed the infrastructure his father had set up.  Noah overthrew the priests his father had set up and established new ones to speak lying and vain words to the people.  Living off the high taxes he imposed upon the people, the important things to these leaders were riches, riotous living, wives and concubines, harlots and wine.  The general population followed their leaders.  When they conquered an army of the Lamanites, they boasted in their own strength. 

Enter the prophet Abinidi with a simple warning: The Lord will visit you in his anger, you will go into bondage, and only the Lord will be able to deliver you from it.  This can still be avoided if you seriously repent and cry mightily to the Lord.  Noah’s response: Who…is the Lord, that shall bring upon my people such affliction? (see v. 27)  It isn't possible that Noah had totally forgotten the Lord’s name in the ten years he’d been king.  But he and his people had disintegrated in righteousness to the point that they had forgotten the Lord’s power.  Let us heed this teaching and avoid the same fate.  Let us not set aside the scriptures that we have.  Let us remember the Lord’s power and his mercy.

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