Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mosiah 22

Those who lead seem to feel that it is their responsibility to resolve all problems of a broad nature, but in this chapter, Ammon and King Limhi show us a better way.  The problem: how to deliver King Limhi’s people out of bondage.  How did they arrive at the solution?  In the first verse we read that they caused “that all the people should gather themselves together” so that “they might hear the voice of the people concerning the matter.”  After hearing the recommendations of the people, they chose the option of fleeing into the wilderness in one group.  But how?  Enter (again) Gideon.  The humble language that Gideon uses as he recommends a way in verses 3 and 4 shows that he didn’t feel himself equal to the king.  This was the solution King Limhi approved.  This is a great example of leadership.  Can we use this example to solve problems that affect everyone at our jobs, in our church assignments, in our marriages or in our families?  As leaders, let’s listen.  And as followers, let’s show the proper respect as we support our leaders.
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