Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mosiah 16

Abinadi’s superb speech began as the answer to a question posed by the priests of Noah: What do these words of Isaiah mean?  (See Mosiah 12:20-24.)  Referring to those who “publish” peace and to the Lord’s strength in redeeming his people, they sought to chastise Abinadi for preaching doom and gloom.  Instead, the reference empowered Abinadi to teach them (and us) the truth about the Lord’s strength in redeeming His people.  This chapter clearly sets forth the judgment of God and the fact that our hope only rests in Christ.  Verse 5 is a very pointed statement to these priests:  “…he that persists in his own carnal nature…is as though there were no redemption made…”  We shall see that the priest named Alma took the message to heart.  What effect will Abinadi’s speech have on us today?
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