Friday, August 15, 2014

Mosiah 10

How many rifts between people come as a result of simply looking at the same thing from different points of view?
  1. From the Nephite perspective, Lehi’s family left Jerusalem to save Lehi’s life from the wicked people in Jerusalem.  Because he followed the Lord, Nephi was given the lead of his family in the wilderness, on the sea and in the Promised Land.  When it became clear that the two peoples couldn't live together without bloodshed, Nephi departed with his followers, taking with them not only the record he was keeping, but the brass plates, as well. 
  2. From the Lamanite point of view, Lehi’s family left Jerusalem because Lehi was wicked.  Nephi took charge in the wilderness, on the sea and in the Promised Land without the right to do so, being the youngest brother.  When the Nephites separated from the Lamanites, Nephi robbed them of the brass plates. 

Only combined faith in the Lord could (and eventually did) bring these two peoples together in harmony.  Combined faith in the Lord can similarly heal all the rifts in our lives, if we allow it to.
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