Monday, August 25, 2014

Mosiah 20

As impressive as it is that the king of the Lamanites reacted so swiftly to the news that 24 Lamanite young women went missing, his haste prevented him from going after the right culprit and cost the lives of many of his warriors.  That he acted appropriately was never in dispute (see verse 16).  The problem was a lack of diplomacy.  Fortunately, the king of the Nephites was more diplomatic in return.  “We have the offender in custody.”  “Let us kill him,” came the cry of Limhi’s people.  But Limhi wasn’t going to do that without answers first.  Thanks to Limhi’s patience, the misunderstanding was clarified, and peace was restored.  How diplomatic are we in a dispute?  Are we tenacious enough to make sure there’s not a simple misunderstanding before we react “in our anger?”  (See verse 15.)  We should strive to be diplomatic and compassionate (v. 26) with each other.  For unless we can learn to pacify ourselves toward each other, we might perish (as Gideon feared in verse 20).

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