Friday, August 22, 2014

Mosiah 17

A chapter of contrasts.  Here we have Abinadi, who, being condemned to die, can save his own life by taking back the words he has spoken under inspiration.  He knows the words he has spoken are true, and refuses to recall them.  “I finish my message, and then it matters not whither I go, if it so be that I am saved,” he had said in Chapter 13 verse 9.  Abinadi remained true to the truth he knew and died for it.
And we have King Noah, who, fearing the judgments of God, is about to release the innocent Abinadi until he is persuaded by his priests who appeal to the king’s pride.  “He hath reviled the king,” they said in verse 12.  We read that in this way King Noah was “stirred up in anger” against Abinadi.  King Noah did not remain true to the truth he knew and ordered the death of Abinadi. 

Two men:  Abinadi, a man of integrity and King Noah, a man of pride.  The one humble the other not.  And ironically, they both die the same death.  So….which do you think fared better upon meeting his maker?   Let us remember this and remain true to the truth.
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