Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mosiah 21

Finding themselves in bondage to the Lamanites as Abinadi had predicted in some detail (see Mosiah 11:23 – 25), Limhi’s people sought deliverance.  First they tried to defeat the Lamanites in battle, but being on the offensive, they were defeated time and time again.   In their weakened state, matters became worse and worse for them.  At length, they humbled themselves to the depths of humility, and the Lord softened the hearts of the Lamanites, providing enough relief to allow them to prosper in their bondage.  Once they began to prosper, they began to meet the test which all prosperous peoples must meet to truly succeed. 
  1. They began to care for the widows and for the fatherless.
  2. They entered into a covenant, subjects and king, to serve God and keep His commandments
  3. They desired baptism.

All the required righteousness now being in place, the time was right for the Lord to bless them in their greatest desire:  freedom.
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