Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alma 25

We just can’t see beforehand the multitude of sweet blessings that the Lord is prepared to give to His faithful children.  No one ever thought the blood-thirsty Lamanites would ever be converted to the truth.  It was against their very nature.  But convert they did - by the thousands.  Then who could have predicted the conversion of attacking Lamanites against these converts?  But convert some of them did, too.  And just when you think the Lord has finished with His many blessings, we get to Alma chapter 25, where the Lord continues to bless His faithful missionaries and continues to move His work forward.  And this is done through the Lamanite warriors’ own memories of what the missionaries had taught previously.  And it wasn't in the comfort of their own homes or their synagogues that they converted, but out in the wilderness on a military campaign, of all places.  You just never know!  The Lord always keeps His end of the bargain.  He kept it with the Sons of Mosiah and He’ll keep it now – with us.  It’s a sure, if sometimes slow-coming, thing.
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