Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Alma 13

How do we “enter into his rest?” (See v. 6.)  Here’s how it works.  The Plan of Salvation is declared by God through angels to just and holy men who become high priests (v. 9).  Then these high priests declare the doctrine of Salvation to the people, the doctrine of Salvation bringing glad tidings of great joy (v. 22).  Then, when the people do their part, they enter into the rest of the Lord.  So, what is the people’s part?
  1. Hearken unto high priests.
  2. Cast off our sins.
  3. Humble ourselves before the Lord.
  4. Call on His holy name.
  5. Watch and pray continually.
  6. Be led by the Holy Spirit.
  7. Become

a.  Humble
b.  Meek
c.  Submissive 
d.  Patient
e.  Full of love and all long suffering

8.  Have faith on the Lord.
9.  Have hope that we shall receive eternal life.
10.Have the love of God always in our hearts.  (Verses 28 – 29)
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