Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alma 18

In this chapter, Ammon gives us a good example of how to meet on common ground.  When allowed an opportunity to teach King Lamoni the gospel, he began with “Believest thou that there is a God?”  King Lamoni answered “I do not know what that meaneth.” (See verses 24 -25.)  Knowing that King Lamoni had mistaken him earlier for what the Lamanites called a “Great Spirit,” Ammon went to that common ground with the King asking: “Believest thou there is a Great Spirit?”  Upon the King’s affirmative reply, Ammon said “This is God.”  From that common springboard Ammon clarified many truths of the gospel, leading many of those hearers to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation through Him.  Without that common ground, Ammon’s teachings would not have been as effective.  What do you think would happen if we took the time to find and start on common ground as we share the gospel, resolve problems or otherwise relate to each other?
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