Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alma 20

I find it interesting that Ammon apparently felt so strongly about the sacredness of family ties that he omitted one detail to Lamoni when explaining why he wanted to go to Middoni.  Note in verse two that the Lord commands Ammon not to go to Lamoni’s father, for “he will seek thy life.”  Then the Lord commanded him to go to Middoni to deliver his own brethren from prison.  When Ammon told Lamoni he was going to Middoni, he omitted the bit about Lamoni’s daddy seeking Ammon’s life.  And even though the old king did try to kill Ammon, he made the attempt away from his court.  Had Ammon been presented at court in the Land of Ishmael, he would have been ignoring God’s command, and would possibly have been killed.  Wise, yet harmless Ammon understood, not only the wisdom of listening to God, but also the value of discretion.
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