Friday, September 19, 2014

Alma 16

It took fourteen years of ministering, but Alma succeeded in establishing the Church throughout the whole land.  He was aided in his ministry by the Lord’s pouring out His spirit “to prepare the minds of the children of men” so that they could be prepared for the gospel Christ would teach their descendants upon His visit to the new world after His death.  (See verses 16-17.)  The Lord often lays groundwork for the next step.  He, thankfully, understands the need for time.  It would be at least 110 years before He would personally appear to the descendants of these people.  It took 1800 years to prepare the Christian world for the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. He allows the required amount of time to pass in more personalized ways, as well.  He understands that it takes us some time to adjust our actions and thinking to a new way of life when we first embrace the gospel.  We should allow ourselves, and others, time to falter and make mistakes as we try to more fully follow Him.
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