Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moroni 7

How do we distinguish good from evil?  Some things are obvious; others are not.  Mormon taught us in a speech that Moroni recorded here that judging between good and evil is as “plain as the daylight is from the dark night” (v. 15).  Simply put it’s this:  If something invites us to do good and to believe in Christ, it is something good (see v. 16).  If something invites us to do evil and not believe in Christ, but to deny Him, it is evil (see v.17).  Mormon further teaches that persuasion to do good does not come from the devil, nor his angels, nor his followers here.  So the litmus test is:  Good = God and Evil = devil. 

I find that life’s greater challenge is choosing between good and good, but that becomes easier by practicing faith, hope and charity, which are so excellently treated in the rest of this chapter.
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