Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ether 13

This chapter contains a great prophesy of the prophet Ether.  Even though Ether’s prophesy was written many years before Lehi left Jerusalem, in abridging the record, Moroni connects the two.  Ether described the future land where Moroni was then living as a land that had become very choice after the Flood in Noah’s day.  Ether saw the days of Christ and prophesied of a New Jerusalem that would be built on the land. 

Moroni wrote of the life of the prophet Ether, who of all the individuals described in the Book of Mormon, is the most like Moroni.  A follower of Christ, Ether was cast out by the very people who he was trying to help.  He had to spend the rest of his life alone and in hiding, because they sought his life.  He lived to see his people completely annihilate themselves.

I’m sure that Moroni, in very similar circumstances, found comfort in Ether’s writings.  I hope that we can take advantage of that same comfort as we continue to read and study the Book of Mormon.
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