Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ether 6

I've always wondered why the first part of the Book of Ether is about the brother of Jared rather than about Jared.  The brother of Jared is clearly the religious leader of the Jaredites, but in this chapter Jared is shown as the legal leader of the people when he determines that the people should have a king, as they desired (see verses 21 – 24).  Among the ancient Israelites, leaders were chosen by God and kings were chosen by the people.  Given the opportunity to choose a king, the Jaredite people turned first to the sons of the brother of Jared, none of which would accept the job (verses 25 – 26).  Then the people turned to the sons of Jared where they finally convinced one of them to be the king.  The ruling of the Jaredites then continued through his progeny, and perhaps that is why we read about the Jaredites instead of about the brother-of-Jaredites.
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