Monday, January 5, 2015

Ether 5

This chapter shows that no one understood better the purpose for keeping this sacred record than did Moroni.  Apparently it was he who sealed up that portion of the record the Lord intended to continue to be held back for now.  In chapter 3 Moroni was shown the history of the future of the earth, and was forbidden to share that information.  (I think others have seen that same vision, such as Nephi and John the Revelator.)  But he obviously saw in it the publication of the record he was adding to, for this chapter is written to the person who would translate and publish the record.  Moroni is almost obsessed with the publication of this abridged record.  His small contribution (compared to Nephi’s and Mormon’s) is pointedly written to those of us who would 1600 years later be reading it.
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