Friday, January 16, 2015

Moroni 1

I love to watch the special features included with movies I purchase:  deleted scenes, bonus materials and the director’s commentary, among others.  The Book of Moroni is like the special features section of the Book of Mormon.

Moroni had no idea, as he scrambled to abridge the record of Ether, that he would be able to add even more to the plates that Joseph Smith would receive.  And thank goodness he was spared long enough to add these things!  Chapters 2 – 6 are deleted scenes that his father didn't find the time to add to his abridgment. Chapters 7 – 9 are sermons and letters from our beloved Mormon that are so nice to have, the bonus features, if you will.  And Chapter 10 is Moroni’s own “director’s commentary” as he takes one last opportunity to read the book.

In Chapter 1 we get some sense of the life Moroni led as the last of the believers.  The Lamanites had turned to slaughtering each other, and if they happened across a Nephite who would not deny Christ, they put him to death.  What an example Moroni was to us in verse 3 where we read, “And I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ,” even though it meant his death if captured.
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