Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mormon 2

In this chapter Mormon obtains a portion of the sacred record that had been hidden for safekeeping by Ammoron (4 Nephi 1:48).  As a child Mormon had learned about things of the Spirit and had learned of Jesus Christ.  Being rather tall and husky, he began leading the Nephite armies at the age of only 15, where he had limited success.  Then at about the age of 33, being close enough to the hidden record, he went to the place Ammoron had indicated and retrieved them.  It is interesting to me that he made a full record of the Lord’s dealings with the people on the plates of Nephi, as commanded by Ammoron (v. 2), and then took it a step further.  He studied the plates of Nephi and Lehi, and the brass plates and abridged it all into a concise record for us to have.  Undoubtedly it was the Lord who inspired this project. 

It is obvious that Mormon took to heart what he was reading and applied it to his own life.  Look at verse 23: “And it came to pass that I did speak unto my people, and did urge them with great energy, that they would stand boldly before the Lamanites and fight for their wives, and their children, and their houses, and their homes.”  Doesn't that sound like Moroni’s Title of Liberty found in Alma 46:11-13?  And note that he named his own son Moroni, undoubtedly after the most inspiring military leader in the record.
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