Wednesday, December 17, 2014

3 Nephi 26

Lest we forget how precious children are, we have 3 Nephi 26.  After being individually blessed by the Savior, then being surrounded by fire and ministered to by angels in chapter 25, a record of Jesus’ teaching to the Nephite and Lamanite children is found in this chapter (see verses 14 – 16).  The record shows that Jesus opened their mouths, even the mouths of babies, and they taught their parents even greater things than Jesus had taught.  What He taught them couldn't be written, it was so sacred.  The little children who heard King Benjamin’s speech back in the book of Mosiah didn't understand it, and within one generation, the people had rebellion among them, chiefly brought on by these same children, then grown.  But among this people, whose children were taught by Jesus Christ Himself, it would be 200 years before rebellion would come again.  Let us remember how precious our children are, and teach them about the Savior, Jesus Christ and His love for them.
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