Saturday, December 13, 2014

3 Nephi 22

At a time when peace is constantly threatened, how wonderful it is to have the Book of Mormon account of the Savior’s commentary on Isaiah 54. One criticism often heard about the Book of Mormon is that so many chapters in it are devoted to war.  It’s been said that the Book of Mormon was written for our day, and ours, I’m afraid, is a day of war; wars between nations, wars between gangs, “wars” between family members and “wars” with our own shortcomings and temptations.  Perhaps we can find a way to cope with our tumultuous time by learning how the Lord worked with people in the tumultuous times of the Book of Mormon.   Even though the Savior’s teachings in 3 Nephi 22 were given in a day of peace to be followed by centuries of peace, the surviving Nephites and Lamanites had just suffered the most tumultuous days in the history of the earth to that time (in my opinion).  So knowing that war would eventually follow, the Lord reminded these people of Isaiah’s “heritage of the servants of the Lord” (see verse 17).  This teaching contained in verses 10 – 17 contains beautiful references to the Lord’s support and protection from any that seek to harm His followers.  Perhaps the most comforting of all is verse 13, which states: “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children.”  The time is come to teach all of God’s children about the Lord, the Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is the Prince of Peace.  In Him is found peace.  He is our support and our refuge.  As we come to understand this our own peace will increase.   
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