Sunday, December 14, 2014

3 Nephi 23

The Lord meant for all scripture that testified of Him to be made available for any who might seek Him.  During His visit to the Americas, He wanted the faithful people at Bountiful to understand the scriptures that testify of Him.  He asked Nephi to bring him the record that had been so carefully kept for 600 years.  In reviewing it, the Savior discovered a prophecy of Samuel the Lamanite concerning a sign of His death that Nephi had failed to record.  He asked Nephi to add that testimony to the record.  Then Christ “expounded all scriptures in one” (v. 14), or explained to the people all the scriptures they then had.  And finally, He gave them additional scripture from the Old World they didn't have access to, such as part of the Book of Malachi.  Thus armed these people were able to live in peace for nearly 200 years after Christ’s visit to them. 
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