Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alma 57

This chapter shows the astonishing preservation of Helaman’s young warriors.  In a battle where thousands of Nephite soldiers are killed, none of Helaman’s 2,060 novice fighters are.  Helaman tells Moroni it is because of their faith.  What had they been taught by their mothers (who are the ones credited with teaching them)?  They had been taught to believe that there is a “just God, and whosoever [does] not doubt…should be preserved by his marvelous power” (see v. 26).  Helaman said it was their faith in that belief that caused God to preserve them.  In this chapter we are shown a lot about that faith and how these young men exercised it.
  1. They fought most desperately
  2. They were firm and undaunted
  3. They obeyed and performed every word of command with exactness.  (See verses 9 -21).

How were these young men able to express their faith in this way?  Verse 27 indicates that
  1. They were young – generally speaking, it’s during our youth that we take the greatest risks (daredevil attempts, and not so conservative when investing savings are two examples of young risk-taking)
  2. Their minds were firm – that is, they had a clear and confident understanding of the gospel, and
  3. They put their trust in God continually – this is the most important in the list.

Just imagine the miracles the Lord could work through us if we were confident of His will for us, were courageous enough to do that will, and completely trusted that the Lord would uphold His end of the bargain!
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