Friday, October 24, 2014

Alma 51

It’s very tough to balance all the things we need to do so that each gets the proper amount of attention.  In this chapter we see Moroni’s struggle to correctly balance, with success.  When a rebellion broke out among his own people, Moroni had to pull resources being used to fortify cities and redirect them to countering the rebellion.  No sooner had his army succeeded in stopping the rebellion, than Amalikiah’s forces attacked and overtook some of the necessarily weakened Nephite cities.  But righteous Moroni had been wise in what he chose to attend to.  Had he not squelched the rebellion when he did, the Lamanites still would have attacked and he’d have been fighting two battles at once.  Those dissenters from the rebellion that were not killed or captured were compelled to take up arms to defend their country.  Verse 21 tells us they fought “valiantly for their freedom from bondage.”  Moroni didn't have the advantage of hindsight that we who read the Book of Mormon do.  He didn't know at the time how his shift in focus would turn out.

So when the struggle to juggle starts to get to us, let’s take heart.  It’s an age-old dilemma that people great and small have had to tackle.  Fortunately for us we have the faith-filled example of Moroni.

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