Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alma 52

This chapter sees the Nephites attached by the Lamanites on several fronts.  In verse 9 Moroni, leading the fight in one sector, asked Teancum, the leader of another sector, to fortify the city of Bountiful and secure an important narrow pass so the Lamanites wouldn't be able to “harass them on every side.”  In our own personal struggles, we can learn good strategy in this.  Each of us has some area of our lives in which we do better than in other areas.  Let us not forget to “fortify” that area as we battle in others.  It’s not a bad idea, when we’re feeling close to defeat, to look at the things we’re doing right.  Taking note of our successes is one step in overcoming discouragement, thus preventing our enemy, whatever that is, from being able to “harass [us] on every side.”
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