Monday, October 20, 2014

Alma 47

This chapter contains one of the most incredible stories of fraud imaginable.  It stars Amalikiah, a Nephite who knew all the teachings of Helaman and his brethren.  He knew about Christ and he knew the concept of freedom.  Being rich, he was also greedy for power.  First he thought he could destroy the free government of the Nephites to get his power.  Failing at that, he joined the Lamanites and deceived his way into becoming their King.  Amalikiah then incited the Lamanites to go to war against the Nephites.  With disaffected Nephites at their head, the Lamanites finally had a good chance to defeat their enemies.  They were being led by leaders more hardened and impenitent, more wild, wicked and ferocious than they’d ever known.  These Nephite dissenters were cut off from the Lord.  That means they were fighting and leading entirely on their own power.
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