Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2 Nephi 2

Lehi taught us in verse 4 that salvation is free.  Because of the Fall of Adam, mankind was cut off from the Lord’s presence (Genesis 3:23).  We were also cut off spiritually, thereby becoming, as Lehi phrased it, miserable.  Redemption from misery comes in and through the Holy Messiah (v. 6).  Lucifer, having fallen from Heaven (see Luke 10:18) became miserable and sought the misery of all mankind.  His plan had been to prevent man’s choices, and thus to act upon mankind.  Heavenly Father’s plan was for man to act for himself, not to be acted upon.  As we make choices, whenever we yield ourselves over to the adversary, we lose a portion of our God-given freedom, and allow ourselves to be acted upon.  Use of harmful substances, for example, can become an addiction.  When that happens it acts upon us, and our freedom to not use them becomes tethered, requiring an enormous effort to overcome.  Let us claim our God-given freedoms.  How?  Lehi put it well in verses 28-29 when he exhorted his sons to look to the great Mediator, hearken to His commandments, be faithful to His words, and choose eternal life.
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