Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 Nephi 25

Nephi writing more than 500 years BC sums up plainly all that he has quoted from Isaiah thus:  As one generation among the Jews was destroyed because of their iniquity, so shall it happen over and over throughout history.  There will be wars and rumors of war so that when the Messiah comes among them in the flesh, they will reject Him because of their iniquities and pride.  They will crucify Him, but he will rise the third day and manifest Himself to the believers.  After that, both Jerusalem and Babylon will be destroyed.  The Jews will then be scattered by other nations for many generations until the time that they shall begin to be persuaded to believe in Christ.  Then the Lord will again move to restore the Jews from their lost and fallen state.  How?  By bringing forth the record Nephi is keeping (the Book of Mormon) which has the purpose of convincing the Jews of the true Messiah thy rejected.  For this reason, Nephi taught his people to speak of, rejoice in, preach and prophesy of Christ so their children could know to what source they could look for a remission of their sins (v 26).
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