Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 Nephi 23

In this chapter we read of the Lord’s destruction of Babylon, which at the time of Isaiah’s prophecy had not yet happened.  Undoubtedly, it can also be used to describe the destruction of the world in connection with the Second Coming.  The wicked shall be utterly destroyed, says the Lord through his prophet Isaiah.  Nephi could have used the words in this chapter to help him prove to his people the Lord’s grace, justice, mercy and power.  Babylon shall be so destroyed that no one will live there again (and it was).  The day of destruction is described as “cruel both with wrath and fierce anger” (v. 9).  Yet in the midst of all this woe, we find this important nugget:  “I will be merciful unto my people” (v. 22).

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